The conceptual ideas of which I was inspired by for this image was the concepts of what is real and what is unreal. Through reflection of the past Digital Literacies ideas and themes, I decided to related the conceptual idea to that of the issues raised about ‘selfies’, and how self representation through image is a form of communication in the sense that it allows others to recognise who we are and how we are. However, I wanted to highlight through my image that this cannot always be the case, as a part of human nature is being able to manipulate how you present yourself to something that may not be ‘real’. An aspect of this idea I decided to convey through my image was that of emotion. The incorporation of the emoticons over the faces of the people in the images highlight the idea of what they can really be felt through behind the smiles of the people, seen in the emerging image above it. Also, the use of emoticons can also been recognized as an acknowledgement as to how individuals in this modern day have the ability to hide their true emotions through the use of text and images, rather than having to be subject to face to face interaction.

For the final image, I used quite a lot of technical and creative experimentation though the use of Pixlr. Within the image as a whole, there is two of the same image blurred into one to create an idea of an abstract, showing the viewer what is seen (unreal) at the top, but then what the true emotions of the people are (real) in the bottom picture. I also evidently used the emoticons over the faces of the people, as well as adding typography saying ‘how do you really know?’ prompting the viewers to think about the image and its meaning, as well as possibly thinking about their own real life situations. I made the images black and white but then added the ‘old photo’ effect, paired with a little bit of blur on the images and also on the border to reinforce that our vision is always blurred and it is not always clear what is real when it comes to emotions.

The ethical considerations I took when using the image was to ensure that I got permission from the people in the images, which are my friends. They all allowed me to use their picture. I decided to use a photo with people I knew in it because it would have been easier for me to get permission to use the image, rather than with people that I did not know

I feel that my final product is good but maybe could have had more of an image manipulation, or even another way of expressing my ideas for the concept. However, I am happy with the final result and my concept for the image.

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  1. I really like this idea and think it ties in well with the theme of real and unreal. I particularly like the use of emojis as i think they are very modern and its relevant to how people use them online. Having the two images separate also shows the comparison between real and fake really well. I like that you have talked about the idea of not knowing whats real as its something that is of concern because of social media. I think that maybe you could have juxtaposed the two pictures even more by having one in colour and the other in black and white. Overall i think you’ve done a good job in demonstrating your theme visually, as it doesn’t rely on one reading your reflection to understand the meaning of the image.


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