For my first photograph, I experimented with the use of selfies and their apparent meanings inspired by week 10. The focus was on how and when it is appropriate to take them and publish them. This idea made me think about those experiences that I may have had where representation of myself was maybe more important than that of how I was truly feeling behind the ‘smile in the selfie’. Thus, I thought of adding emoticons over the faces of those in the photos to enhance the idea that true emotions are sometimes not evident on the outside, and also reinforcing the conceptual prompt of real and unreal – seen in the sense of emotions and how you portray yourself.

I pixelated the photo to tie in with the emoticon idea over the faces of the people, however I don’t know if this is enough editing to be sufficient enough for the photo. I was also going to add some text but currently I am not sure on what to write.screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-10-05-27-am

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